Saturday, February 25, 2012

My mom "Joan" and her family at Houghton's Pond in the early 1940's.
Looking forward to the 1940 Census for Norfolk County for my own roots.  I was born in Norwood, and I have lived my life in Stoughton.  Before my family moved to Stoughton in 1953, they lived in Dorchester and Roxbury.  However in 1940 my mother was ten years old and living with her family in Dedham, Norfolk Co., Mass. I am very excited for the first chance to see my mom on the U.S. Census.  You see she was born in Ontario, Canada in 1930 and arrived in America at six months of age.  Therefore completely missing the 1930 U.S. Census that spring.  Since she and her family were already in America in 1930, she will not be on the 1931 Canadian Census someday!  My grandmother from Dorchester was on the 1900-1920 Census, and will make her appearance again with my English born grandfather in 1940 in Dedham. Incidentally he was born in 1901 and was born to late to be on the 1901 British Census, and had left before 1911 Census in Britain.

So I am excited to search the census but also to help others search it.  I have already signed up to be a Massachusetts volunteer to index the 1940 Census.  Perhaps you may want to sign up as well?  To find out more go to:


  1. When is it set to be released? I thought it was 2012 but think I heard 2013.

  2. The first week of April 2012. You should join me as an indexer Heather!! Check out the link above

    1. Oh sure Dave, I will squeeze that right into my non busy life. At the rate I am going I will not even be able to look at the 1940 census until 2040