Friday, March 9, 2012

Digging for the Records of the old Dedham Jail

I have seen the records for Charlestown Prison, Charles Street Jail (Boston), and Deer Island Prison (Boston). But you think I could lay my hands on the inmate registers for Norfolk County from the early 19th century.  In the Vital Records recently published for Dedham, Massachusetts there are a few pages of inmates ca. 1810.  If one of my hardworking colleagues has ever had the pleasure to page through these records let me know.  Working on an upcoming lecture on Prison records and would like to address the local population.  The U.S. Federal and State census list the inmates, but I seek the full listing from the start the first door swung shut.

An interesting history with some photos can be seen on the website for the Sheriff of Norfolk County.  Whose office is getting a call from me next week, perhaps they can tell me where the old Sheriff records are held!

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