Thursday, March 1, 2012

Leap Year Babies in Randolph, Massachusetts in 1912.  
An interesting story of the two residents of Randolph, Mass. a century ago on the anniversary of the births!

Leap Year Babies in Randolph in 1912.  Miss Jennie May Lynch, one of the two persons born in this town on February 29 from 1844 to the present time observed her second birth day anniversary by entertaining a large number of young friends at the home of her parents on North Street. There were music games and refreshments.  Although 8 years old, this was her second birthday anniversary as she was born in town Feb. 29, 1904, being the second child of James and Julia E. (Cahill) Lynch.  Miss Mary Frances Barry, who is better known as Miss Moullie Barry, is the only other one having been born in Feb. 29.  Although she is 28 years old this was only her sixth birthday anniversary owing to their having been no leap year in 1900.  She was born in this town on Feb. 29, 1884, being a daughter of William C. and Mary (Meaney) Barry.  She resides with her mother on West Street and is employed in a shoe factory in Brockton.  Owing to illness in the family, there was no formal observance of the day.

Source: The Stoughton Sentinel, March 9, 1912, p. 4.

Do you have an ancestor who may only be 40 years old that lived in the 19th century?  Check your genealogy files and comment about any of your young ancestors!

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