Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Train Stations of Norfolk County.

I must say I am spoiled having spent the better part of 19 years taking the Commuter Rail from Stoughton.  And most of the time I got to spend my mornings in the majestic 1888 granite tower train station.  There is so much history inside that lovely station.  But sadly for the past couple of years it has been boarded up.  Last year the Train canopy that protects the passengers has been repaired, the gaping holes are gone... and so are the pigeons.  Perhaps they have flown over to my fellow blogger Heather McGinley's roost down the street. 

Would love to hear some stories about the stations that are no longer.  I have only had the honor to go in Canton, Sharon and Stoughton stations.  Can anyone add something here... let's get on board shall we?


  1. Ok, for starters, we have enough pigeons and don't need anymore. Secondly, as long as the MBTA own that building it will continue to rot which is a serious shame because it is such a great place. Wish the MBTA would just sell it back to the town, and by sell I mean sell and not lease.

  2. I wish the same and hope someday it will become a reality.